single & dance video Rosemary’s Dance

Tobias Cosler’s instrumental composition combined with four individual performances of outstanding female dancers differing in age: Aimée Covo, Kati Farkas, Martina Vinazza and Sophia Lubisch

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Tobias Cosler featuring

Dennis Herrmann
Tumbling Down

Johanna Isserstedt
All At Once

Adelia Douw
Without Control

produced with Miguel Augusto

music: Tobias Cosler
lyrics: Tumbling Down & All At Once by Joseph Vicaire, Without Control by Tobias Cosler

guitars: Thomas Heinke (& backing vocals in Tumbling Down)
drums Without Control & All At Once by Ralf Neuhaus

© + ℗ 2021 by Elbaufwärts Entertainment / Live Talent Records

single instrumental Nightflight

portraits by Martin Braun